Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rant of the Day

Ok, so clearly no one is going to read this. I mean, why would anyone? No one even knows it is here.

Having said that, I guess I will just get a few things off my chest. Its not like anyone is going to mind, right?

In a nutshell, I hate my life. I just really hate where I am right now. I hate my job. I mean, I really hate my job. Who doesn't, right? And with the economy the way it is right now, I know I am lucky to even have a job. At least that is what I keep telling myself...

And of course, I feel stuck. I can't just quit my job. As much as I would LOVE to, I cannot just up and quit. Bills need to be paid and its not like there are so many jobs popping up out there. And because I am stuck, I feel  sense of frustration and rage I never knew possible. I mean, its not like I am going to do anything rash or stupid like blow up my place of employment, but I am very angry and feel it constantly. I guess its the idea of not having a say in my own life, of feeling like I don't have any choice. I am stuck. And it is a feeling that I cannot stand. I just don't know what I am supposed to do.

And it is not just my job. It is most things about my life. I have so many things I need to change and I just can't seem to find the motivation or whatever to change them.

I just don't seem to have any direction. I feel lost without a compass. I don't know what I am supposed to be doing and I can't seem to find any clues to get me pointed in the right direction. What I do know is that where I am and what I am doing right now is not working for all....

So my last post was pretty light-hearted and this one is, well, not.

If anyone is out there...leave a message. Maybe even throw me a life-saver??

And if you are out there, thanks for listening :)


  1. Sorry your having such a hard time with it all, Hate is so destructive and demeaning, if it helps I will follow you, one thing I do like about your blog is your open, truthful and have a story to share.

    So pleased to meet you :) <----<<< happysmile

  2. my favorite blogs are the ones that are not light hearted at all!
    and i'm with you, sister. BEING STUCK. i wonder how many other people feel that way. I do try to be optomistic, and get myself motivated... but it's rough. I guess my only peice of advice is to find something you've always wanted to do.. and DO IT. whether it be finding a new job (it never hurts to look) joining a book club, or taking a trip somewhere.. New undertakings bring new opportunities.
    Keep writing! We're here.


  3. I feel exactly the same. Sometimes it gets so bad that I feel like I am drowning but somehow I manage to get through the day. My doggie helps to cheer me up. I'll be following you now.