Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poll: Who inspires you?

Please take a moment to take my very first poll. My hope is that everyone will answer the question and leave a short (or long if you wish!) comment here about who it is (names do not have to be shared) and why. I am anxiously awaiting your replies!


  1. Nicely put together blog you got going here I like the template, short and sweet, I have a look at your Poll on who inspires me, well the short and sweet answer to that is my wife, I love her dearly, the type of person that talking is the biggest part of our relationship.

  2. I checked "other" in your poll because I wasn't sure how to classify the person who expires me most. Mike Krzyzewski, a college basketball coach, is the most inspirational figure in my life. He is full of integrity, loyalty, and great work ethic, all of which I aspire to.